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They have been calling me like 6 times a day for weeks ON MY JOB, and when I answer nobody is there.The line is silent for like 45 seconds and then they hang up.

These are the numbers they are calling from (404) 464-4272, (404) 464-4284, (404) 464-4469 withing 5 minutes of each, the the rotation start over. I know I cannot be the only person this is happening to. Please stop or teach your employees better phone communication. Do they know what customer they are calling; do they want something from me, if so answer the phone.

I have tried calling them back with the same issue.

WHO ARE THEY WORKING FOR; THEY ARE NO REPRESENTING THE CLIENTS WELL.What kind of company calls people and then hangs up before saying anything?I even had my husband answer and they hung up on him too.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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It’s against FDCPA for a collection agency to call a place of employment on a dialer. You can sue them


I get the same thing and yet they call my cell too!!

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