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Their ops dept need to be retrained to speak and respond professionally. They called my home at 8am and I picked up so that the ringing would not wake up my daughter - the CSR (Ronnie) was so rude to tell me that 8am is not too early to call after I told him it was, and then he insisted to ask for a person that doesn't live here, and he accused me of lying!

We rec'd no recourse or apology from him nor his higher-ups on several attempts.

Their website is actually: www.iqor.com (we found out on our own - so maybe you can use info.

here to file a complaint as they (several supervisors and managers) did not want to give us names nor numbers to file a complaint.

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Going to the website will not do any good.. Ur complaint will only be either used in a comical setting or deleted. :zzz

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