Iqor are a collecting agency for GMAC.They do not follow procedures and are even impolite.

I have reported them to the Consumers Protections office. There are ways to contact people, initally byletter, which they didn't do, then by phone they should leave their name, number, company and purpose of call, which again they don't do. When I called they were asking me for my phone number when I refused to give it to her because they should have it since they called she got upset and raised her voice repeating the company name without me hearing properly what it was. She then hung up in my face when I said listen you don't follow procedure this is not how it's done.

and that my bill was paid. I called again today to get the proper name and she refused to give me their permit number which is something they should give.. no supervisor was accessible to talk. She was suddendly nicer when I said I didn't want to speak to them but to the Office and that I would report them.

She said well account is closed.... don't let them push you.

they are very unprofessional.I don't know if it is really Iqor of they are using their name but their phone number is 1-800-817-6318

Monetary Loss: $118.

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so a company that makes over 20000 calls a day should know it is you calling back and therefore you should not have to give them your phone number.after all how could they not know it is you out of the other 19999 calls right?



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