Warman, Saskatchewan
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This pond *** company continues to phone, sometimes several times a day, over a parking ticket that does not belong to either my husband or myself, and is not even on any of our three vehicles.

If no one is home, they let the answering machine play to the very end. How many important calls have we missed because of these bozos?

Any time I have actually spoken to a live thing, they have been rude and offensive, at one point telling me to pay the ticket even if it isn't mine, or they will keep calling. When I ask to speak to their supervisor, there is never one there, except for the time that Priscilla actually pretended to be her own supervisor, and didn't think I would recognize her heavily accented voice!!!

The Federal Government needs to shut these people down immediately, and I'll be calling my MP in the morning.

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This telephone number has called me twice. The second time it asked for Joanne Lewis 9am October 12, 2010. I said you have the wrong number the individual then proceeds to attempt to interogate me by asking how long I have had this telephone number.

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