I am not a consumer, but a previous employee.Upon hire, this company promised a specific shift that they were hiring me for.

Because it was not contained within the offer letter, I was suspicious throughout my training. Sure enough, at the end of training, that shift "wasn't available" even though I was assured frequently that it would be! I read complaints about this company before accepting the position that I was recruited for, not an application, but head hunted. Very bad business practices.

No wonder people are revolving through their doors! This is not a consumer complaint but an EMPLOYEE complaint! One who is enraged, and it is not just me on this training class, but many people irritated.

Needless to say, because I was deceived upon hire/recruit, I have quit the company!Don't work for these @@#$%^*().

Review about: Iqor Recruitment.

Reason of review: Employment practices BAD.


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