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IQOR will not stop with its Harassing Telephone Spam.This company thinks the whole world owes them money.

Just type in these phone numbers that they use to call people every day; 1-877-503-2115 or 1-866-294-1752, and you'll see the many people who are being harassed by this Telemarketing collection outfit. All these people and the comments they have filed online can't be all wrong. Why is this IQOR permitted to Phone Spam Everyone they think owes them money?

Why is IQOR exempt from following the law?We hope that everyone who is having this kind of problem with them fills out many online complaints!

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IQOR SUX #4 you say they dont answer the phone then you say they told you to F off? How do they tell you to F off if they dont answer the phone?


starting a class action law suit please join and together we can crush this company or at least get paid $$$

Chicora, Pennsylvania, United States #190141

Yeah *** its a collection agency. Just tell them that they are *** and you dont like how their balls smell and you will call them harrassing them that they never called you back after Ronald in accounting took you to dinner at Red Lobster but wouldnt cornhole you or give the reach around. Tell them you demand a cleveland steamer from him then the calls will stop


Iqor isn't a scam you ***. Its a collection agency that is extremely intrusive and therefore very successful.

If they have the wrong number, answer, talk to someone, and get it resolved.

If you just ignore it, the computer is just going to keep calling several times a day until you change your number or die.


IQOR is a scam, the dont answer when i answer and when i ask for the manager and head office numbe she told me to F myself and hung up....They literally call me every hour or so, and they start to call my house every day at exactly 7.32AM i have kids sleeping...this is harassment, more then 3 calls a month is called harassment...dont u guys get sick of sitting on your @$$ and annoying ppl, get A REAL JOB when u can make urself useful..IM not even the person they ask for


To: Jim, on 08-03-2010 18:55

lots of people pay the bills on time, and still get harassed by iQor the EyeSores 'they call if you paid your bills or not. Dumb ***'s ''

You've Said;

I didn't even know IQOR before they called me, they say I have a bill to pay and they ask me my age, my adress and other informations. Of course I didn't give any of that. I'm sure this is phone phishing.

It sure is Jim!!! Well You Know Them Now!

Are you sure you're not just playing both sides Jim? It appears you are!


''they wouldn't call you if you paid your bills on time.Dumb ***'s ''

I didn't even know IQOR before they called me, they say I have a bill to pay and they ask me my age, my adress and other informations.

Of course I didn't give any of that.I'm sure this is phone phishing.


To Pay Your Bills... why don't you go eat some peanuts out of your mamas anus.


Hey, Mr-or-Ms Pay Your Bills/18-08-2009 20:52.Since you commented you must be one of those ignorant iQor staff, or better still one of those Associates that's over $100,000.00 in the red yourselves.

Your childish terminology,

Dumb ***'s, gives your identity away Goof ball. You and your immature buddy in 11 should "pay your dues".

Practice what you preach!:grin


they wouldn't call you if you paid your bills on time. Dumb ***'s

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