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I was a long term customer of Rogers Cable in 2003. But it all ended because Rogers would not look into my problems with its service.

For one thing, I had complained about interferance on channels 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 & 21. Taxi cabs and message center radio calls were coming through on these channels. A Third Party Rogers Cable Repair Man once told me that Rogers Cable would never pay the $100,000.00 to replace a damaged trunk cable feeding the CenterTown Ottawa area. He said that this was where the problem originated.

Also the cable people hired by Rogers were less that concerned about anything. They were in such a hurry to leave this building, they even forgot to crimp the coaxial cable connections. In some cases they were falling off. Photo 1 shows a short TV cable that one end is incomplete.

The connection on the outer part of the loop is crimped. You can see the hex shape after crimping. The connection in the center of the loop is round or un-crimped. Photos 2 & 3 shows a closer view of each end.

The collection agency IQOR don't care about any of this, they just want the money, and never listen to the consumers.

They just harass them with these *** phone calls. IQOR are fools!

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Ummm, those are compression connectors, they don't"crimp" at all. The hex head is just for fastening to a connection

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