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  • From mobile
  • Oct 23
  • #941899

They keep calling and they have no business calling we owe no one!!!

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 22
  • #941359

Calls every 1/2 hour. DOES NOT LEAVE MESSAGE & when I pick up there is knowbody on the other end

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Yesterday October 19 I had at least six calls from them from one number so I blocked it. Today October 20 I had six more calls from them from a different number so I blocked it as well. If you are going to call multiple times a day during working hours, leave a message or I will block you. I don't know why they are calling because they don't leave a message. Caller ID says IQOR USA INC. I am working with a Debt Resolution company and I will be... Read more

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Call anywhere from 5-10 times a day. Law says twice a day at maximum. They need to stop I am filing a complaint with the FTC There have numerous complaints on various sites about their harassment of individuals and families. The frequent calls are illegal conduct per the Debt Collections Act which governs and has set rules that collection agencies must follow they need to cease and desist with inappropriate collection activities. They... Read more

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Hi I used to work for a Debt Collection agency, Just telling them to stop on phone won't work, the only way to stop them is the next time they call, ask for their company name and mailing address, mail them a dated letter telling them not to call phone number or send letters to your address regarding any debt, state number & address in the letter. Keep a copy of the letter for your records. Now there is a written do not contact and they cannot... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 25
  • #925268

This company calls my mom every day starting at 8:30 a.m. DAILY!!! There is never anyone on the other end so you can't even ask them WHY they are calling. There are numerous numbers connected to this company. They need to be stopped. I read other reviews and people said this is a debt collection company. My mother doesn't owe anyone. She is 86 and this is really stressing her out!

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These people keep calling my land line at least 10 times a day every day and I want them to stop if this keeps up I Will turn this matter over to my attorney Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 01
  • #911263

Iqor Usa calls my hous at least 3 times a day and has for months. Sometimes5. Its a debt of my daughter's and I have told them that. They start at 8:00 am! Why cant someone stop them from harrassing people?

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I have recieved calls regarding a debt i owe at leastv5 times,a,day atcvarious,times. This is illegal and i will be fileing a lawsuit for harrassmrnt in the amount of 1 million dollars. I can prduce my cell phone call log to prove it. Read more

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I worked for Iqor for three months... in those 3 months there was numerous illegal business practices from not paying employees for all hours worked nor not given lunch breaks even though you worked an 11 hour shift but Iqor believes you should only be paid 7 hours of your shift. When you go to management they say if you don't like our company policies there the door. If I remember this is America and all the hours rendered should be paid. Iqor... Read more

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