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  • Aug 09
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I have recieved calls regarding a debt i owe at leastv5 times,a,day atcvarious,times. This is illegal and i will be fileing a lawsuit for harrassmrnt in the amount of 1 million dollars. I can prduce my cell phone call log to prove it.

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I worked for Iqor for three months... in those 3 months there was numerous illegal business practices from not paying employees for all hours worked nor not given lunch breaks even though you worked an 11 hour shift but Iqor believes you should only be paid 7 hours of your shift. When you go to management they say if you don't like our company policies there the door. If I remember this is America and all the hours rendered should be paid. Iqor... Read more

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  • Aug 03
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Unfair business practices against long-term employees.

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Iqor in buffalo ny still infested with bed bugs.. the general manager claimsit a buffalo problem not iqor.. maybe someoneshould five it to her.. she is a very big lier..

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New hires are terribly handled by recruitment and the administration office. They demand pre-employment requirements in such a short span of time but when you finally get in, You'll have to wait indefinitely go get your: - ID to get around the premises - a locker where you should keep your personal belongings? You'd have to get one for yourself and you won't get one if you don't have someone to share that locker with. "The more user the merrier... Read more

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I was supposed to start a temporary two month job at Amazon through iqor as a material handler. I was told that it was originally going to start on April 18th, however it's been over a month and they've changed the date countless times. And I was just informed today that the job is cancelled. I was really counting on this job for the experience and the pay, not only that but it really screwed up my schedule at my current job at target. Because... Read more

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  • May 18
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Basically in a nut shell, this job is absolutely horrendous to work for, always unexpected changes,w/ policy & procedure, management is racist, and one more thing don't get sick, they don't acknowledge you until your dead, The End

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Plaintiffs, v. iQor Holdings US Inc., Defendant. ________________________________________________________________________ Plaintiffs Paris Shoots (“Plaintiff Shoots”), Jonathan Bell (“Plaintiff Bell”), Maxwell Turner (“Plaintiff Turner”), Tammy Hope (“Plaintiff Hope”), and Phillipp Ostrovsky (“Plaintiff Ostrovsky”) (collectively, “Plaintiffs”), on behalf of themselves, the proposed Rule 23 Classes, and others similarly situated, by and... Read more

Was this review helpful? 2 3 iQor Holdings US Inc. Shoots v. iQor Holdings US Inc. Court File No. 0:15-cv-00563-SRN-SER Staff: Stephen Nicksic Attorneys: Carl F. Engstrom, Tim C. Selander, Rachhana T. Srey This is a lawsuit to recover straight time and overtime pay for call center workers employed by iQor. The Amended Complaint we filed on April 3, 2015 alleges that iQor uses a timekeeping system called... Read more

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