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Plaintiffs, v. iQor Holdings US Inc., Defendant. ________________________________________________________________________ Plaintiffs Paris Shoots (“Plaintiff Shoots”), Jonathan Bell (“Plaintiff Bell”), Maxwell Turner (“Plaintiff Turner”), Tammy Hope (“Plaintiff Hope”), and Phillipp Ostrovsky (“Plaintiff Ostrovsky”) (collectively, “Plaintiffs”), on behalf of themselves, the proposed Rule 23 Classes, and others similarly situated, by and through their attorneys, Nichols Kaster, PLLP, Teske, Micko, Katz, Kitzer & Rochel, PLLP, and... Read more

Was this review helpful? 1 3 iQor Holdings US Inc. Shoots v. iQor Holdings US Inc. Court File No. 0:15-cv-00563-SRN-SER Staff: Stephen Nicksic Attorneys: Carl F. Engstrom, Tim C. Selander, Rachhana T. Srey This is a lawsuit to recover straight time and overtime pay for call center workers employed by iQor. The Amended Complaint we filed on April 3, 2015 alleges that iQor uses a timekeeping system called TimeQey that systematically underpays workers employed as contact center agents, customer care... Read more

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This collection agency has called me 3 times today looking for my sister who is currently in the hospital. The first time the lady had the nerve to ask, what is she in the hospital for.. The second time the lady wanted the phone number to the hospital and then I talked to a supervisor who said she was taking me off the call list and she called again. I am reporting them when I get better to the Better Business Bureau. This is ridiculous. How much does Bank One want my money. Told them I would pay credit card off and cancel the card. Read more

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I would like to file a complaint against Credit One Bank for violating the Fair Debit Collection Practices Act. I was contacted by phone at 9:26 am on August 11 regarding my credit card balance. The caller ID reflected IQOR USA at 610-297-8667. Someone with a name I can't pronounce started to talk and I told him I was recording (I really wasn't) the conversation and that a Bankruptcy Attorney (Troy A. Berberick) told me to tell them that I can't pay them and my only income is Social Security, I also told him that is yelling at me was in... Read more

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  • Iqor
  • Aug 06, 2015
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I pay my bills! Paid off my student loans by debt consolidation! Obviously these asshats didnt get the memo! They call my house from 8 am to 10 pm Monday through Sunday! 25 times a day! It's gone way above and beyond harassment! When I do answer, I can say hello for 10 minutes and no one ever talks! I'm ready to turn them in to the BBB!!!!!!! Add comment

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  • Iqor
  • Jul 31, 2015
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IQOR USA Keeps calling me from different numbers and im getting pissed i told them to not call me anymore but they keep calling at any time Add comment

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  • Iqor
  • May 31, 2015
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Iqor is a horrible place to work.Sexual Harassment goes on discrimination.The supervisors and managers of the company will lie on you and dare you to say otherwise.This company should be shut down and I am speaking with a lawyer to go against the company and will put it in the news and on headlines IQOR MISTREAT EMPLOYEES Add comment

I don't understand how we can be penalized a 100$ opt out fee for not accepting their benefits Read more

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I have worked for IQOR Noida and their management sucks. First of all they hire all employees without even nothering how much they score in Voice and accent round on phone and later on they start terminating them due to non trainable issues. When I went to this company, I was lied by a VP that it would be 5 days working but when I joined they said its a 6 days. There is no HR in this company. 5 people who take care of HR, V/A trainings and process trainings. The break management sucks. No one hour break, its only half an hour break in 8 hours.... Read more

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they told me if you don't like the policies of iQor there's the door... worked at iqor quit and they sent me a termination letter are you kidding me they're a joke...they screwed me On over time Read more

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